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 Located in the heart of The Hamburg Village, we welcome you to relax your mind, rejuvenate your soul and revitalize your beauty! We offer a variety of Holistic Facial Treatments with Plant Based, Cruelty Free, Natural, Organic Skincare, Lash and Brow Enhancements and Waxing Services. You're invited to indulge in self-care, because YOU deserve it!

Looking Forward to Servicing YOU!

At Rockin' Beauty, your satisfaction is our number one priority. 

A Few Rockin' Reviews...

Sara T.

I was looking for somewhere reasonably priced to have my lashes lifted and tinted.  I made my appointment online which I loved, and it was super easy.  I couldn't be happier with my experience and the results.  Stephanie is awesome.  She made me feel so comfortable and the salon is awesome (good vibes, super clean, smells so good.)  Definitely my best lash lifting experience.  I was anticipating being uncomfortable for the entire process, but I couldn't have been more wrong.  I really am just so happy and will definitely be going back.  

Kari D.

I've been seeing Stephanie for my eyebrow needs and facials for a few months now. I took the plunge with her skin care line, and I honestly am obsessed with it. I'm confident in another 6 months I'll have skin that I love, and I won't feel like I need to wear coats of concealer and foundation when I leave the house.

Rachel H.

I started seeing Stephanie to advise me on skincare and schedule regular facials with.  Due to a variety of causes (reactions, stress, masks, hormones) my face has been freaking out, which caused me to stress out more.  Stephanie gave me a consultation and advised me on my skincare routine.  I started with new CBD products and immediately noticed an improvement with some of my issues.  I went for a facial last week and have another scheduled in a couple weeks which I am looking forward to.  The bed was warm, and Stephanie created a relaxing experience for me and reassured me that she can help me get back to equilibrium with my skin.  

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