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Waxing is for Men, too!

With Father’s Day around the corner, I thought it would be appropriate to chat about waxing for men, too (you don’t have to be a father). A few services I offer for men are: chest, back, shoulders, eyebrows and even nose and ears, arms and shoulders.

Waxing has the same benefits for men as it does for women and it’s not as rare as you think! Many swimmers, cyclists, boxers, athletes, models, etc. have waxing services. It’s also nice for the women in their lives if she likes a hairless body, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it! Like with women, it’s all about preference. 

Men and women feel the same level of pain (despite the rumors) and benefits of waxing. There is less maintenance in comparison to shaving. With waxing services, male clients usually visit me every 4 to 6 weeks or so, depending on the services they receive. Waxing also avoids the annoyance of razor cuts and burns, so that is very appealing! 

I use hard wax for all of my clients, so no strips. It’s gentle enough to go over the same area of the body (if necessary) and it only adheres to the hair, making it less painful than strips. 

If you’re a male and think waxing could be a life-changer for you, let’s give it a try! My clients often set up their own appointments, but I have gift certificates as well. See you soon!