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The Biggest Beauty Trend of 2019: Skincare

Whoever tells you you’re spending too much money on skin care – stop them! They’re wrong. ;)

Skincare has actually been the biggest beauty trend in 2019, according to Yelp. I can’t tell you how happy this makes me because I’ve not only seen more clients in the last year of running Rockin’ Beauty in the Village of Hamburg, but it means people are truly starting to care about their skin! What we put in and on our bodies is so important and our faces are no different.

As 2019 comes to a close, I’m excited to have chosen my specialty to be CBD products (check out my previous blogs here) and become a cannabis master. There is a whole world of organic and natural products out there that we’re able to use on our skin – even for individuals with more sensitive like oncology patients and pregnant women.

In 2014, the hottest trends according to Yelp were food, beauty, language, services, and more. Now, lash extensions are SOOOO yesterday (hence why I no longer offer them) and a more natural alternative like lash lifting and lash tinting is taking the stage. I’m not sure if I agree with this one, but even Brazilian waxes are starting to taper off as Keratin treatments are taking precedent. Hydrating, cleansing and exfoliating your skin has always been important, but now the general public is starting to see it.

I’ve always been passionate about skincare and am happy for this change and happy to be ahead of the curve for my clients. Now offering CBD facials, dermaplaning and nano-infusions, you can now take care of your skin and body at Rockin’ Beauty!

"At Yelp, we’re seeing that people are going for beauty treatments that are reflective of a more natural look—ditching the fake tans and permanent makeup," she said, "and opting for treatments like dermaplaning and microneedling that improve the texture and appearance of skin, so they can let their glowy complexion steal the show."

Below, check out Yelp's list of popular beauty trends over the years:

2005 - Lash Tint 2005 - Brazilian Bikini Wax 2005 - Eyebrow Shaping 2005 - Body Scrub/Body Wraps 2005 - Tanning Bed 2006 - Lip Plumping 2011 - Keratin 2012 - Microdermabrasion 2012 - Laser Hair Removal 2013 - Drybar 2013 - Blowout 2014 - Spray Tan 2016 - Nail Art 2016 - Permanent Makeup 2016 - Eyebrow Tattoo 2017 - Lash Extension 2017 - Eyebrow Dye / Tint 2017 - Chemical Peel 2017 - Tattoo Removal 2018 - Sugaring 2018 - Teeth Whitening 2019 - Dermaplaning 2019 - Coolsculpting 2019 - Laser Facial 2019 - Fillers 2019 - Emsculpt 2019 - Hydrafacial 2019 - Ultherapy 2019 - Kybella 2019 - Collagen 2019 - Nail Art 2019 - Vaginal Steaming 2019 - Lash Lift 2019 - Microneedling

In addition to offering some pretty cool skin care services, I’m proud to announce that I’ll be hosting special events at the studio on a regular basis! We’ve had a psychic gallery reading, a guided meditation party and on October 18 we’re hosting a vision board workshop! Be sure to check out the event on Facebook. Cost of only $15 and we’ll have light apps, drinks, and magazines for you to collage to your heart’s desire! See you soon!