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Henna isn't just for tattoos anymore

We all know what it’s like to be too busy - too busy to do all of the laundry, too busy to do all of your errands, and ESPECIALLY too busy to do your makeup. Now, you don’t have to rely on your typical eyebrow tint for a simple makeup routine - you have BROW HENNA!

Brow henna is a semi-permanent brow treatment that works on the skin, NOT just the hairs for a longer lasting effect. Wake up, moisturize, illuminate and you’re ready to GO!

Perfect for busy professionals, moms, and anyone who wants a longer-lasting brows.

Come to the shop and see what the fuss is all about. Here are a few more reasons if you aren’t convinced, yet:

  • What goes on, goes IN - henna is natural and organic, so NO more chemicals! The product that Rockin’ Beauty uses is naturally derived and contains no ammonia.

  • It’s VEGAN and animal- friendly - how can you beat that?

  • It can help strengthen and restore hair growth.

  • Stephanie is the blend-queen - there are so MANY colors to choose from and Rockin’ Beauty is sure to offer a professional range that comes in black, blonde, dark brown, golden brown, light brown, mocha brown, and natural brown.

  • Treatments are fast (15-30 minutes) and your results can last up to 4 weeks!

Even though there is no guarantee that brow henna is the beauty option for you, it’s DEFINITELY worth a try! It literally won’t hurt (you or your body). Rockin’ Beauty works hard to ensure that we are using the BEST products available and this one is no different. Brow henna looks more matte and powdery so it provides a natural look that never goes out of style!

Book your appointment for brow henna, today!