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Exfoliation Pt. 2

Hopefully you checked out my blog: Exfoliation Pt. 1! If not, go quick!

We’ve already talked about full-body exfoliation, but we left out talking about your FACE. That was on purpose because we felt it deserved its own blog post, so here we go:

I don’t need to tell you this, but your face is precious! When exfoliating, you must take extra care to be sure not to damage your skin when you’re trying to improve it.

First things first - there are two ways to exfoliate as we covered in Pt. 1; mechanical and chemical (physically removing the dead skin cells or dissolving cells.

Generally, less is more: you don’t want to damage your face, but gently help along your body’s natural exfoliation process so your face glows. How often you exfoliate will greatly depend on your skin type. For sensitive skin, you should be gentle and exfoliate with a warm, wet washcloth or mild chemical exfoliant once or twice a week. For oily skin, your skin has a higher tolerance, so you can exfoliate as much as 5 times per week as long as your skin can tolerate it. For normal to combination skin, you can exfoliate up to 3 times per week. You know you rosin best so do what works for you!

If you’re breaking out, exfoliation could irritate your skin further, so take a break if this is the case.

You’ll know if and when you “overdo” it, so take a break and come back when your complexion is calm again.