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CBD for Your Skin: Anti-Aging, Acne, and Skin Conditions

The HOT new buzz-word is CBD and everyone is doing it, selling it, buying it, but are you looking into the companies that you’re getting it from? I do strict due-diligence to make sure that any products I bring into Rockin’ Beauty are the best for my clients, and my recent partnership with Color Up Therapeutics is no different. Color Up Therapeutics makes natural and plant-based, cruelty-free CBD products intended to balance the mind, body and soul from the inside out.

I’ve already talked about the benefits of CBD and skincare in my previous blog, so if you missed that – go back and read it now, I’ll wait…

Here are a few specific skin conditions that my new product and service offering will help you with! You’re going to love it!


I’ve always been passionate about natural anti-aging techniques, so CBD is another great way to provide these services. Color Up provides the best CBD products with natural antioxidants even more powerful than Vitamin C, E, A or omega 3 fatty acids. Stay tuned for my new services list that will include nano-needling with CBD!


Acne has always been an issue within skincare. Whether it’s youth acne, or adult acne, both are frustrating and difficult to face without using harsh chemicals on your skin. CBD is a great solution to regulate excretion of oil that causes acne, as well as hyperpigmentation. For your next visit, get a CBD facial and check out the products that I have available to keep your skin looking its best every day.

Skin Conditions

Although CBD is great for the “beauty” of all things, its benefits are very real and can alleviate more serious skin conditions as well. According to Color Up’s blog, one study found that phytocannabinoids, particularly cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabigerol (CBG), can control cell proliferation and differentiation, indicating they can be used in novel treatments for skin diseases like allergies and cancer. Through its ability to control cell growth and death, CBD has been considered as a potential adjunct to current skin cancer treatments.

Yes, this means that if you’re an oncology patient, you can have CBD facials with me <3

Also, this means that CBD products works on warts, moles, eczema and psoriasis to improve the skin after treatment.

As the CBD trend keeps taking off, I love that I can offer new services to my clients, and with the best available products out there. Not many companies are approved to have their products used on oncology patients, but Color Up is! That’s one of the many reasons I chose to partner with them in my new service offering.

If you’re interested in learning more about CBD and skincare, give me a call or stop by the shop!